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You have fallen in this dungeon. There is no way to go other than to follow the passage infront of you.

Try crawling around to find an exit, but be no fool. The road is not clear, with ruthless enemies longing to take you down.

Pathway to Ascension is a "roguelike" game, and you have one goal. To fight through the enemies and find the exit. Along the way you'll find chests which will provide you with weapons and health potions to enrich your arsenal.

Made for the 5th Extra Credits Game Jam (Theme: Passage)


[WASD] Move/Attack


Emilios Seimenis (http://twitter.com/aemiliu5)
Dimitris Provatas (http://twitter.com/TheSheepsters)
Nikolas Platon (http://soundcloud.com/platon-music)

Additional Credits:

Rogue Dungeon by LucidDesign: https://opengameart.org/content/rogue-dungeon
Pixeled Font: https://www.dafont.com/pixeled.font


BUILD 3 [27-8-2019 09-37].rar 26 MB


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Good job! I really like the music, and I think in general you've got the basics covered. I think improving the AI would add a lot because now it seems like they just wander about randomly and don't care what you are doing.